Welcome, Heathens!

Welcome, heathens, to my new blog! Lately I’ve been realizing that my lack of writing may be the cause of some personal unhappiness… SO… I’m turning back to writing but in a way that I haven’t been able to before.

As you probably know, I run the website Fortress of Film (www.fortressoffilm.com) where I have been writing film reviews for over three years now, sometimes going months without writing and sometimes writing five articles in a week. I love cinema, and it’s been great writing about films and covering new releases for you guys (and myself) over the years, but the fact is, it isn’t the only thing I like talking about.

Twitter has been my best friend in letting me vent about political issues, books I’ve been reading, current events, and even the loneliness of not having a special someone in my life. These, and many others, are things I love writing about, but I haven’t really invested much time into actually doing so because a.) tweeting nonstop blows up people’s feeds and results in a loss of followers and b.) my website let’s me write in long form, but I can’t write about why Donald Trump is a threat to the world on a website people visit to read about movies.


I am officially going to begin actually forming legitimate thoughts on a blog, writing about movies mostly (and will still update Fortress Of Film), but this blog will give me the freedom of writing about anything and everything. If I want to write a thousand-page piece on why I love HALLOWEEN III, I can do that. If I want to write about how Hillary Clinton probably won’t be the end of America, I can also do that. And if I want to complain about how Taco Bell took too damn long on my order earlier today, I can do that. And who knows? I may even publish some short stories for everyone to read and tell me how bad they are.

Of course I will still be writing film reviews, and Letterboxd remains my best friend, but with this blog, expect thoughts on politics, novels, comics, serious real-world issues, and the even more serious issues, like, say, how THE DARK KNIGHT is definitely NOT the best Batman movie (hot takes for days, baby).

So, beautiful souls (and those of you in the “basket of deplorables,”) enjoy my ramblings on the state of art AND the world around it.



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