On President Trump’s Muslim Ban

Initially wasn’t going to comment on President Trump’s proposed ban of refugees entering our country, BUT this is the Trump administration, and not everything is as it seems, so here we go.

Not only is a ban on Muslims from entering the country (an executive order signed this week by the president) unconstitutional, but it’s uncharacteristically unbiblical from a president AND constituency that claims to represent values of the Bible, a book whose main character clearly speaks for clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and treating foreigners as natives of the land.

It’s also interesting that VP Mike Pence, during the road to the White House which he was not yet traveling on, stated himself that a ban on Muslims is not constitutional. This is something that people are only accepting now out of blind acceptance of their führer.

However, the most irreversibly catastrophic and heartbreakingly cruel aspect of this news is when we learn that Trump will prioritize Christian immigrants, based on the lie that Christians are being persecuted more in these countries, when the facts and statistics CLEARLY indicate that Muslims are the primary victims of international terror.

But as Trump Administration officials Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer have so clearly stated, the president does not consider statistics “facts,” but “alternative facts,” and the real facts are whatever he feels are factual. And yes, they actually said that.

The hateful ideology of “All Muslims are evil!” has gone from seeds in the soil of American society to a fully grown biological lifeform, eating away at the fabric of our modern civilization in the disguise of “modern conservatism.” This “modern conservatism” has grown into the rise/reemergence of the Nazi party (disguised as the “Alt-Right,” to lessen the intensity).

Christian entitlement has become a colossal issue in this country, as Christians and churches across the country have repeatedly considered themselves “victims” because gay marriage became legal and Christian prayers were removed from schools, a move which doesn’t in any way victimize Christians but offer acceptance to anyone of any faith.

But of course, in a religion which teaches that anyone of any of other faith is “wrong” and “damned,” it’s no surprise that people of other faiths are treated so poorly by not only the right, but now the president.

This is Trump’s America, and it’s only been a week.


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