GET OUT Review

GET OUT is not merely a new horror movie, but a remarkably creative and shockingly fresh (for the most part) entry into a crowded market made by someone who hasn’t earned this spot, but has made it his own without even asking.
Jordan Peele (yes, one half of the comedy duo Key & Peele) writes and directs this thriller with skill that no one could predict. How this mainstream comedian made a horror movie with such strong and unprecedented social commentary as well as genuine scares and a satirical brand of wit THIS good is something we will be discussing for years to come.

GET OUT is remarkable for its filmmaking alone. Peele storms onto the scene like an experienced master and crafts an expertly tense piece with authentic character beats and jolting scares. Even when the scenes don’t take place inside dark rooms (and very little of it does, as most is exposed to the bright outdoors and surrounded by people in suits), Peele’s direction makes each moment feel unnerving to its core, prompting the viewer to express real concern as to just what the hell is going on.

As could be expected, Peele brings his brand of humor to this with great results, proving just enough comic relief (specifically in Lil’ Rel Howery’s scene-stealing moments) without feeling forced to appeal to his pre-established fan base.

It’s a movie only a black person could’ve made, and it’s the kind of horror movie America needs right now. Peele’s screenplay doesn’t shy away from the horror of racism, but instead, like the great horror movies, uses its antagonistic force (here, racism) to make a point, while also using its over-the-top premise to provide a consistently entertaining and crowd-pleasing experience.

I saw this a few weeks ago and it’s still racing through my mind as rapidly and unrelentingly as it was after I initially saw it. GET OUT is a very special film that you need to see.


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